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Dimensions (WxDxH) : 600x600x1400 mm
Power : 120 Watts
Annual consumption : 660kwh/year
Digital thermostat  :Yes
Type of refrigerant : R600a
Exterior finish: Stainless steel

LED lighting

Ventilated cooling

Cooling system in tower

Automatic defrosting

Key lock

Alarm door

Sodastream CO2 integrated in the kegcooler


  • Hygiene

    The risk of infection is limited because the temperature of all parts is kept between 2 and 4 °.

    Limited risk of supersaturation.



    No loss of beer.

    Rinsing with water is not required between each keg.
    30% energy saving, 40% less CO2 consumption.


    Long life

    The keg can remain open for 3 weeks without altering the taste of the beer.



    Very easy to maintain, sanitation is limited compared to a conventional installation.


    Included :

    1 Manhattan tower with easy clean system debitap

    1 drip-tray with perforated grid : 200x200x30mm

    4 wheels Ø 80mm, 2 with brakes.

    1 Regulator to be mounted on Sodastream cartridge + 1 cartridge

    1 easy cleaning kit : 3 beerlines , cleaning tablets, 1 disconnection key, 1 brush of tap.2 elbow coupling heads : 1 sankey, 1 alumasc

    1 cup for foam cutter, 1 foam cutter

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